How to Connect Diamond Digger Saga to Facebook


Diamond Digger Saga is one of the more recent additions to the Saga games by developer giant King. It can be played via Facebook and is also available for mobile on iOS and Android devices. As with all of the Saga games, having friends is crucial to get extra lives as well as game progression. Since Facebook has a wealth of friends who play this popular game, the following steps will help you connect your game to Facebook, giving you access to your friends and syncing your progression.

1. Opening the app- Tap the Diamond Digger Saga icon on your mobile device to open the game.

2. Title screen- At the title screen, you will see the play button and the Facebook logo with the word connect. Tap the Facebook logo to load the Facebook connection confirmation screen.

3. Confirmation- After you tap the logo, a screen will open up for Facebook. You will see some information that lets you know when you connect, the app will have access to your friends list and basic profile. You will have to confirm this action. Tap yes. After you confirm the permission to connect, you will be connected to Facebook. If your Facebook progress is in excess than that of mobile, your progress will automatically be updated. Additionally, you will be able to request and send lives or other help required by friends on Facebook who play the game. You’re ready to play. Good luck!