How to Connect FitBit and Runkeeper

FitBit is a fitness tracker that takes several measurements and is customized to the user based on data such as age, weight, and height. Runkeeper is an app that keeps track of fitness data such as distance walked, ran, or cycled. Although each of these apps are good in and of themselves, together they can maximize a person’s workout and provide better tracking of one’s fitness data. It is possible to connect FitBit and Runkeeper together. Just follow these simple instructions to learn how to do it:

1. Runkeeper account- Using your web browser, log on to and create an account.

2. Connected apps- At the top right corner of the screen, you will see a magnifying glass. Click on the magnifying glass. From the options given, click on Connected Apps.

3. My apps- In the upper right corner of the Connected Apps page, you will notice My Apps. Click on My Apps.

4. App selection- There will be a list of apps in a drop down menu. Scroll until you see FitBit and click on Connect to FitBit.

5. FitBit redirect- After you click Connect to FitBit, you will be automatically taken to the FitBit site. Once you are on the FitBit site, log in with your ID and password. Your FitBit and Runkeeper accounts are now synced.

Note- You can see your FitBit data on Runkeeper, but you can’t see your Runkeeper data on FitBit as of yet. This two-way data may be available in the future.
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