How to Control Your Fire TV from your Smartphone

The Amazon Fire TV with Alexa voice recognition feature is a great product no doubt. But another great feature is that it is possible to use your smartphone to control a Fire TV just like a remote. Amazon is providing an official remote app for Android and iOS devices, whereby the buttons on your phone will work just like the real remote including the voice control too.

How Can You Use Your Smartphone Like A Fire TV Remote?

A smartphone with both iOS and Android operating systems can very easily be made into a Fire TV remote. You can level up fast in Fallout 4 with the following easy steps-

1. Amazon Fire TV Remote App - Download & Install

The first step if you want to use your phone as a Fire TV remote is to download and install the app. Go to App Store or Google Play Store for iOS devices but for Android devices you have to search for Phase Fire TV Remote. You will be able to see the required app on top of the search results. Once you see the app icon you have to download it and then install it on your device. The most important thing here is to ensure that you have the same Wi-Fi network for both phones and with app and the Fire TV.

2. Pair the Fire TV With Your Mobile Device

Next you are required to pair the Amazon Fire TV remote control app with your TV box. This is a simple process where you Fire up the app onto your mobile phone. It will instantly start scanning your network for Amazon devices till it detects the device. Begin pairing once you have selected your Fire TV device. You can even do this by selecting ‘Sign In’ option and entering your Amazon credentials.

3. Enter the Code Displayed on the Screen onto Your Smartphone

Once you have chosen your Fire TV on your Phone you will receive a 4-digit notification on your TV screen. Now you have to enter this 4 digit number into your mobile phone and the two devices will successfully connect to each other.

4. Your Phone Is Now Ready to Work as Fire TV Remote

The Amazon Fire TV app has a simple interface that is very easy to use. You can navigate through the onscreen options by swiping on your phone in any direction. The buttons on your device can be similarly pressed to open the onscreen board and operated just like a remote. In case your device does not come with Alexa voice control you can swipe down from the top of the app screen. When you see the microphone button you have to speak your command clearly, your Fire TV will respond in the same way.

The Fire TV remote App has not been designed to play games. Although some games might work, for best performance, it is better to use a regular Fire TV remote for playing games.