How To Craft Tools In Minecraft Pocket Edition

Before you can begin mining in Minecraft Pocket Edition, you will need to craft tools. Tools are what you use to mine, so you should have tools in your inventory before you start building a mine. Use the steps below to craft useful tools in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Step 1: Make your crafting table. In Minecraft, you cannot craft out of thin air: you will need to build a crafting table first. To do so, convert pieces of wood into wooden planks. Enter the crafting menu, choose your wooden planks, and tap the material list on the right. One piece of wood will make four planks. Use four planks to build a single crafting table.

Step 2: Place the crafting table in the world. You can’t craft tools if the table is in your inventory. Select the table, aim your cursor at the ground, and tap the space. Next, tap the crafting table to open it.

Step 3: Craft a toolkit. It’s a good idea to consider crafting a basic toolkit before you start mining. You can turn some of your wooden planks into sticks in the crafting menu or at the crafting table. Use planks and sticks to make wooden pickaxes, and use the leftover sticks to make shovels, axes, or swords.

Step 4: Upgrade to stone tools later on. First, your wooden tools will help you to mine cobblestone. Once you have enough cobblestone, you can start crafting stone tools such as cobblestone pickaxes. Cobblestone tools will help you mine for coal, which you need to make torches.