How to Create a Checklist in Evernote

Checklists are a great way to keep organized. Here is how you can create a checklist in Evernote:

1. You can create a checklist on Evernote using your computer or mobile device. The process is the same and it begins by creating a new note.

2. Create a title for your checklist. It could be a checklist for your upcoming trip or a party you are organizing. When you place your mouse on the body of the note, the formatting bar will appear on top.


3. Click the Insert to-do icon represented by a square with a check inside to start creating your checklist. You can check and uncheck the box by clicking or double-clicking it.


4. If you have made several checklists and you want to search for the unchecked and checked boxes, simply type "todo:false" or "todo:*" respectively on the Evernote search bar.