How to Create a Photo Note in Evernote

Evernote does not only let you write, share, and save notes, but it also lets you save and share different types of media, such as videos and photos. Follow these steps to create a photo note in Evernote.

1.Tap the Evernote icon on your phone to launch the app. On the main page or screen, tap the elephant found at the upper right corner of the screen to access the menu.

2. On the menu, tap the camera icon to enable the camera. Take a picture of your subject and tap check to attach the picture in a new note. Write your message or description and tap check to save your photo note.


3. If you just want to attach an existing photo, tap New Note to create a new one. Then, tap the camera icon found on top of the screen. It will let you access your phone's photo gallery. Choose the photo you want to attach and write a message or description. Finally, tap check to save the photo note.


4. You can share it by clicking the saved note on the main page. Then tap the Share icon and share it on social media or as an email message.