How To Create An Alarm On Windows 10 Laptop

Either to wake up from a power nap, or to manage how long of a break we take from our hectic lives to even setting out how much time we allocate to any one task or a set of tasks thereof, we all need alarms in our daily lives. Windows 10 has brought this feature out the smart phone and into the convenience of our computing devices. This tutorial will show you how to create an alarm on your Windows 10 laptop.

1. Power up and log-in to your Windows 10 laptop.

2. In the Windows Search bar, located next to the Start button, type alarm.

3. From the search list, Click on Alarms & Clock.

4. You should be greeted with a new windows titled, Alarms & Clock. The top part of the window is divided into Alarm, World Clock, Timer and Stopwatch. For this tutorial we will need to avail Alarm thus the first option.

5. Here you should see that an alarm was already set but set to off. If not, you can click the + button located at the bottom of the window.

6. In the new window, you can set the new alarm’s hour and minute followed by the day cycle. Use the arrows on each selection to change the numbering for each aspect. Under your alarm’s time, you should see a countdown timer indicating how much time you have left before the alarm goes off.

7. Once you’ve set the time, you can then set your sights on setting a name for the alarm in case you would like to work with multiple alarms.

8. Following that, in Repeats, you will find how often you want the alarm to sound off. By default the alarm is set to sound off once daily. Here you can set the same alarm to go off on a number of days in a week.

9. The next option allows you to choose a tune for your alarm when it sounds off. You can preview each tune courtesy of the little play button to the right of the listed tune.

10. The final option is setting Snooze time. This allows a brief interval between the alarm sounding off and when it should sound off again.

11. When you’ve customized the alarm to your liking, you can save the alarm by clicking on the Floppy icon at the bottom of the window.

12. This will take you to the first window with your alarm set and is now active.

13. If you think you made an error while setting the alarm, you can simply click on the alarm you created prior. It will take you back to the window in step 6. Follow through with steps 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.[/b]

You can go ahead and create as many alarms as you like, they will all be listed in the Alarm tab in the Alarms & Clock window. With your alarm(s), you can now get back to managing your day and your mission critical tasks more efficiently.
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