How to Create an Emergency Contact Card for Your iPhone

An Emergency Contact Card lets you (or anyone helping you) make an Emergency SOS call to your trusted contact number in case of any medical emergency.
However, before you can use this feature, you must create a Medical ID that contains your few medical details along with an emergency contact details.
Here’s how you can create an Emergency Contact Card in your iPhone:
    Open the Emergency SOS window
    Tap Settings > Emergency SOS. This takes you to the Emergency SOS window that allows you to create and set up your Medical ID to take instant actions in case of emergency.


    Get Auto Call and Countdown Sound to work (Optional)
    Turn the Auto Call button ON, and do the same with the Countdown Sound button. Where, enabling Auto Call button automatically initiates an SOS call instead of displaying multiple emergency options to pick one from in case of emergency, and the Countdown Sound, when enabled, produces an alert sound before making the emergency calls. Enabling Countdown Sound may keep you from initiating a false alarm to your emergency contact in case the Sleep/Wake button is accidentally pressed five times in a row.


    Create your Medical ID
    Tap Set up Emergency Contacts in Health > Create Medical ID, enable the Show When Locked button, and populate the fields with your biological and medical details. This creates your Medical ID (if not already created). Enabling the Show When Locked option ensures that your medical information is visible even from your iPhone’s locked screen.




    Add an emergency contact
    Tap + next to add emergency contact, under the EMERGENCY CONTACTS section, pick your trusted contact name from the Contacts window, and choose your relationship with the selected contact from the Relationship window. This creates an emergency contact, who can be called in case you need urgent medical attention. The relationship with the selected contact can be convenient for anyone helping you in an emergency.



    Finalize and review your Medical ID
    Cross check the details filled by you in your medical ID. Tap Done on the Medical ID window. This creates your Medical ID.


    Test your Emergency SOS calling set up

Press the Sleep/Wake button once to lock your iPhone, and then press the Sleep/Wake button again five times in a row. Pressing the Sleep/Wake button five times repeatedly activates Emergency SOS, and depending on the configuration, your iPhone will either display emergency options to pick one from, or it will automatically initiate an Emergency SOS call to the contact you selected in step 4.