How to Create Categories in Feedly

Feedly is a aggregation website that allows its users subscribe to RSS feeds. They can gather and save the latest content from their favorite publications and group it in categories. Categories vary from arts, technology, health, food, and more. These categories allow you to easily find the content you have gathered across the Web. You can also personalize your categories for a much easier access. Here's a simple tutorial how to create categories in your Feedly account.

1. On your phone, tap the Feedly icon to launch it. The main page will be a list of all the news from the sources and categories you have subscribed to.


2. Next, tap Settings represented by three lines found at the upper left corner of your screen. A menu which includes the categories of your sources will slide from the left. Tap "Subscription."


3. Tapping the "Subscription" menu will lead you to the "Categories" screen. Tap the plus sign on the upper right corner of the screen. A pop-up box will appear which will enable you to search any topics, websites. or titles of your interests. Type which website or topic you are most interested in.


4.Once you hit search, a list of topics and websites related to the topic you typed will populate the screen. Choose which one you are interested in.


5. Tap any website you want. When you do that, you will be asked whether you will add a source or category. If you want to add a new category, write what category you want it called and tap "Accept."


6. To check if it was successful, go back to the main menu and tap the sync button. You will be able to see the category you have added.