How to Customize Your LinkedIn Profile URL

When you create a new LinkedIn profile, the website automatically assigns you a URL that ends with a unique number that is automatically generated. Since the automatically generated number is random, it becomes a bit challenging for others, and even for you, to memorize your LinkedIn profile URL.

In order to make things simpler, LinkedIn allows you to customize your URL from default to something more sensible. For example, you can change your default LinkedIn profile URL from to

Note: You can customize your LinkedIn profile URL to something of your choice only if your preferred URL is available, and hasn't been claimed by someone else.

Here is how you can customize your LinkedIn profile URL:

    ■Log on to your computer system.
    ■Open your favorite web browser.
    ■On the opened web page, type in the address bar and press Enter.
    ■Once the Sign In window opens up, provide your credentials in the required fields and click the Sign In button.

    ■On the Home page that comes up, click the Profile menu from the menu bar.
    ■Click the Edit Profile button from the upper section of the Profile page that comes up next.

    ■On the next window, click the Edit link available below the Done editing button.

    Note: if your profile is not public, click the Publish your public profile link available in place of the Edit link.

    ■On the Public Profile interface, click the Customize your public profile URL link under the Your public profile URL section present in the right pane.

    ■Once done, on the opened Customize your public profile URL pop up box, type your desired URL in the field representing

10. Finally, click the Set Custom URL button to save the new URL.