How to Delete a Comment on Instagram

Whether one of your Instagram photos has been spammed with negative comments or you regret a comment you made on someone else’s photo, the app makes it easy to delete comments. Use the steps below to wipe out your own comments or comments that others have made on your photos.

Step 1
If you are using the Instagram app on iOS, note that the process for deleting comments is slightly different than it is for Android. If you are using Android, skip to step 4. If you are using iOS, proceed to step 2.

Step 2
In iOS, find the photo with the comment you want to delete—whether it is your photo or someone else’s. Tap “Comment” under the photo.

Step 3
Find the comment you want to delete, and then swipe your finger over the comment in a leftward direction. Tap the reddish-pink garbage can icon that appears. You will be given the choice of whether to just “Delete” the comment, or to “Delete & Report Abuse.”

Step 4
In Android, find the photo with the comment you want to delete. Under the photo, tap the speech bubble icon to open the comments.

Step 5
Find and tap the comment you want to delete. You will be given two options: “Delete Comment” or “Delete Comment and Report Abuse.”

As you can see, deleting comments on Instagram is an easy process—just one that differs slightly between iOS and Android. Make sure to follow the appropriate instructions above for your mobile operating system.