How to Delete an Image from Imgur

Rubina Hussain

Oct 17, 2014
Imgur (pronounced like imager) is a website where users can upload photos or images from their own computer or from the web. Users can like and comment on photos as well as receive comments for their own images, edit their images, and even make up their own memes, which is a very popular activity for people to do. At times, people may wish to delete images that have been posted to Imgur. To learn how to do this, just follow these few simple steps and your images can be deleted from Imgur.
1. Logging on- Open up your web browser and go to
2. Deletion options- You will have several deletion options, based on whether you have an account or not. For deletion options for anonymous postings (those with no account), go to step 3. For deletion options if you have an account, go to step 4. For deletion for either anonymous posting or for account, go to step 5.
3. Deletion for anonymous posting- When you upload an image to Imgur, you will be given a deletion link. Record the deletion link as it will only be given once and use the deletion link when you are ready.
4. Deletion for those with accounts- Go to your images. Mouse over the image. There will be an X in the bottom right corner. Click the X to delete the image.
5. Deletion for both accounts and non-accounts- A deletion claim can be filed at
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