How to Delete Fitbit Data

Fitbit is a tool that people can use to help set and keep track of their fitness goals. This tiny device is set up based on answers to questions such as your age, height, and weight so it can accurately measure and record things like calories burned, hours slept, steps walked, etc. Some people may want to delete the data that has been recorded. Here's how to do it:

1. Deleting weight loss - Your weight loss data is logged. In order to delete this, log in to your dashboard by logging in to your account, navigate to Food Plan, navigate to Plan Summary, click Log Weight, scroll down to Measurement History, and click X for each weight to be removed.

2. Deleting greeting- To delete your greeting, log in to to access your dashboard. Click the Settings icon (a gear) located at the top right of the screen. Select Activity Tracker from the menu. Delete greeting and re-sync device.

3. Steps and floors- Log in to your dashboard, click on your activity log, select the dates to be cleared, enter automobile driving as the activity, set start time and duration, click Log Activity. This does not delete the data, but negates it.

4. Deleting profile data- To delete all of your profile data that has been logged and recorded, set up your Fitbit device to a different account.

5. Deleting everything- Email Customer Support with the email address linked to your account and reason for deletion. This will wipe out your entire account and all data with it.