How to Delete Google Maps Location History

If you use Google Maps on your Android smartphone, there's a good chance that Google Maps has cached your location history.

This makes it really easy to locate places you've already been, and that can be very helpful! If you're more privacy-minded, you might now want Google Maps to store where you've been.

The process of deleting Google Maps location history is simple. Here is how you can get it done:

    ■Turn on your Android smartphone.
    ■Tap the menu icon to go to the apps list.

    ■Locate and tap the Maps app icon to launch the Google map.

    ■On the Home page, tap the Menu icon (icon with the three horizontal lines) from the bottom-left corner.

    ■From the available options, tap Settings.

    ■Tap the Google location settings option from the Settings interface.

    ■Once the Location interface opens up, ensure that the Location toggle button is enabled.
    ■Under the LOCATION SERVICES section, tap the Google Location Reporting option.

    ■When the Google location settings interface appears, tap the Location History option under your email address.

    ■Finally, on the Location History interface, tap the DELETE LOCATION HISTORY button from the bottom to delete the Google Maps location history.