How to Delete the Recorded Voice in your Amazon Fire TV

Mar 16, 2018

Amazon Fire Stick is known for its very cool and intuitive features. The product is chiefly used to watch their contents from the Internet on the big screen with a string of additional features. Some of the key features include the voice search and parental controls. You can also perform the deletion of the voice recordings. Here is how you delete the voice recordings that has happened from the Amazon Fire Stick.

Step 1
Go to your browser and reach out to the Amazon’s official website,

Step 2
You should enter the email address associated with the Amazon account along with the correct password to enter to your profile. On successfully entering the credentials, press the ‘Sign in’ button to access your Amazon account.

Step 3
The user should now select the ‘Your Account’ choice from the list of options from your profile.

Step 4
The user has to scroll down the options in your account until you reach the ‘Your Content and Devices’. Now, the user must select the ‘Your Content and Devices’ to view the Amazon devices connected and their details.

Step 5
In the next settings page, the user must select the ‘Devices’ option from the available options to view and manage the connected devices to your Amazon account.

Step 6
Under the manage your devices tab, choose the device to be managed. In this case, the ‘Amazon Fire TV’ tab is chosen. Now the user has to choose the ‘Manage voice recordings’ choice to view the recordings.

Step 7
Next, you will find a dialogue box with the following message. The user has to select the ‘Delete’ option to delete the voice recording from the chosen Amazon Fire Stick.

The user can now easily delete the voice recording from their Amazon Fire Stick by following the above steps.
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