How to Delete Whispers on Whisper

Whisper is a social networking app that lets users post their secret under an anonymous nickname. Users can also reply to, heart (like) a whisper, and users can even privately chat with one another. Sometimes, users may want to delete a whisper that they have posted, and to learn how to delete a whisper that you have posted, simply follow the instructions listed below.

1. Opening the app- Tap the Whisper icon on your mobile device to open up the app.

2. Icons- You will notice several icons at the top of the app page. One is the Whisper logo (does nothing), a # sign (allows searching by groups, topics, etc.), a chat bubble (private conversations), a bell (notifications), and three dots aligned vertically. Tap the 3 dots icon to reveal a drop down menu.

3. Me- From the dropdown menu, tap the Me option (2nd one from the top, just under Search). There are two lists here, Whispers and Hearts. Hearts are whispers from other users that you have liked, and Whispers are ones that you have posted yourself or in response to another user’s whisper. To delete the whisper, tap the whisper you want to delete. You will see a list of options below the whisper. You will see a trash can to the far right. Tap the trash can, then tap OK to confirm it. You may still see it, but it will disappear in time.