How to Dictate Your Messages in iOS 11

Sometime you may not want to type the texts manually while messaging. May be you’re driving or your hands are engaged with some other important work. In such situations, dictating your messages instead of typing them might save some of your time.
Even though you are required to tap a few icons to get to the Messages window, the more time-consuming part, typing the text, can be done using your voice.
Here’s how:
    Get to the sender’s message box
    Tap the Messages icon from the Dock, and locate and tap the contact you want to send the message to. This opens the contact’s messages window. If you’ve been conversing with this contact earlier, all your conversions should be visible in this window.


    Open the virtual keyboard
    Tap inside the Text Message field at the bottom. This opens the virtual keyboard on your iDevice that lets you type your texts.

    Dictate your text message
    Tap the Microphone icon given to the left of the spacebar, tap Enable Dictation in the Enable Dictation box (appears only when you tap the Microphone icon for the first time), and speak the message you want to send to the contact. Tapping the Microphone icon enables the dictation mode in your device, and when you speak in the mic, your device converts your voice into words, and types those words as texts in the Text Message field.


    Send the message

Tap the Send button. This sends your text message to the recipient.