How to Disable “Share iTunes Details with Apple”

Some people just don’t like the idea of Apple having access to any of their information. This, of course, is a losing battle if you are going to use iTunes, own a MacBook/iMac, or purchase the latest iPhone/iPad. However, if you want to reduce the amount of information Apple has on you, then an easy place to start is with iTunes.

In iTunes, Apple automatically has it set up so that you are sharing details about your media library with them. They do this primarily to provide you with album artwork for all of your music. However, if you are feeling particularly private about your music collection, use the steps below to stop sending library info to Apple.

Step 1
Launch iTunes, and open the “Preferences” menu. This is located under the “iTunes” tab on the bar at the top of screen. Once Preferences has opened, select the “Store” tab in the middle of the menu. You will see a checklist of various different options and settings.

Step 2
The very bottom item on the Store Preferences list is “Share details about your library with Apple.” Uncheck the box to keep your iTunes details to yourself.

There’s really no harm in sharing your iTunes library details with Apple, and if you care about album artwork, you’ll want to keep the box checked. No one at Apple is looking through your library and having a laugh about your music tastes, so you can put your mind at ease. However, if you’d feel more comfortable keeping your iTunes info to yourself, the simple process laid out above will allow you to do just that.