How To Disable Doze On Android Marshmallow

For those that do not know, Doze is a new feature in Android 6.0 Marshmallow. It basically allows your device to take a little nap and not use so much processing or battery power. It does this by shutting down most apps until it notices your device is in use again. This won’t affect the main communication apps like phone and messages but for everything else it will turn them off including notifications.

Doze is a great feature, it really does save battery life and in some cases helps the battery last twice as long as normal, but there might be apps that you want to create exceptions for so you will never miss important notifications. The steps below will help you accomplish just that.

Step 1- Open the App Drawer then Locate and select Settings


Step 2- Touch Battery


Step 3- Tap the 3 stacked dots in the top right


Step 4- Touch Battery Optimization


Step 5- Press the downward pointing arrow


Step 6- Choose All apps


Step 7- Select an app then In the pop up window select Don’t optimize


Step 8- Finally press Done


You have now turned Doze off for that specific app. It is really that simple and you can follow those steps as many times as you want for as many apps as you want. If you ever decide you want to turn Doze back on for a specific app you can by following the exact same steps but in step 8 choose Optimize. Doing that will turn back on Doze for that specific app.