How to Disable Google Maps Location Tracking on Android

Google tracks your location through the Google Maps location tracking service. It is very useful if you lost your phone or if you want to know your location history, but it's also a little creepy to that someone is tracking your every move.

But the days of worries are over! From now on you will be able to turn off this feature of Google on your Android phone. We will give you the steps to disable the location tracking feature on your Android phone.


1. Open the Google Maps app by tapping on the Maps app from your phone's app drawer.
2. Drag the tab from left corner to the right by sliding from bottom to open the menu.

3. Then tap on “Settings.”

4. Tap on “Google location settings.”

5. Navigate to “Location Services,”
6. Under the ‘location services’ option, tap on “Google Location Reporting.”
7. Tap on “Location Reporting”.
8. Slide the option to "off."
9. Tap on "back".
10. Then tap on “Location History.”
11. To disable this option, you have to set it to "off" as well.

You can also delete all the previous location history of yours from Google’s server. To do that you can visit this page and click the ‘Delete all history’ link from the left pane.

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