How to Disable Group Digests in LinkedIn

When you create a LinkedIn group, or even if you are added to any existing group, you receive the group's digest emails on daily basis by default. The frequency of the digest emails for all groups can be controlled by changing the email notifications from daily to weekly. If you do not want to receive any digest mails from groups at all, you can disable the entire notification feature from the groups’ settings.

Here is how:

    ■Sign-in to your LinkedIn account using any web browser.
    ■Once you are signed-in to your profile, hover mouse to the Profile menu from the menu bar at the top.
    ■From the displayed list, click the Edit Profile option.

    ■On the next page that opens up, click the pencil symbol representing the Groups category at the bottom.
    ■From the displayed groups in the expanded interface, click the Hidden or Visible link under the group whose digests you want to disable.

    Note: The text of the link (Hidden or Visible) will depend upon the Visibility Settings of the group logo. No matter what the text of the link is, you will be redirected to the settings page of that group.
    ■Once the group settings page opens up, under the Contact Settings section, uncheck the Send me a digest of all activity in this group checkbox.
    ■Finally click the Save Changes button to apply the changes.


Note: The changes may take a few days to become effective.
In order to make the same modifications in multiple groups, you must configure the group settings for each group individually.
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