How to Earn Free Space on Dropbox

Dropbox has revolutionized the way how files are stored by allowing individuals and businesses save their files in a single hub on the Internet. However, if you have a lot going for you, especially for businesses, the initial free 2GB isn't enough. If you want more space you have to upgrade to a premium account and pay. If you're someone who'd rather have it for free, there is a way of course and here's how you earn free space on Dropbox:

1. Take the Get Started Tour at Dropbox.

Once you sign up for a Dropbox account, you will be asked to take a tour and learn the basics of Dropbox. If you failed to do this during the first time, you can still take the tour by clicking the "Get Started" link at the left corner of your Dropbox homepage. After completing, you'll earn an extra 250 MB.


2. Connect your Facebook account.

250 MB still seems small for someone who has a lot of files and media to store. You can get another 125 MB when you connect your Facebook account with your Dropbox account. Simply go to the "Get Space" page and click the link.

3. Connect your Twitter account.

Go to the "Get Space" page again to connect your Twitter account with your Dropbox account. This will earn you another 125 MB of free space.


4. Follow Dropbox on Twitter.

Up the ante by following Dropbox on Twitter and you get another 125 MB of free space.

5. Express your love for Dropbox.

Love begets love. The same is true with Dropbox. Express your love for Dropbox in as short as 90 characters and you get another free 125 MB of free space.


6. Install Mailbox in your iPhone or Android smart phone.

Installing Mailbox, an easy-to-use email application, on your iOS or Android phone will give you a free 1 GB space.

7. Install Carousel on your iOS and Android phone.

Dropbox created Carousel, a mobile photo and video app, so you can easily store and share your videos and photo with family and friends. After you install Carousel, enable "Camera upload" and you will earn 5 GB of extra space for free.

8. Invite your friends to Dropbox.

Referrals work wonders and here's a real whopper - for each friend you invite to Dropbox, you get a 500 MB of free space. The maximum free space you can get for your referrals is 16 GB.