How to Earn Gold in Dragon City Mobile


Dragon City is a game created by Social Point for Facebook, iOS, and Android. As with most mobile games, there is in-game currency to earn. In Dragon City, that currency is gold. The following tips will teach you how to earn gold in Dragon City Mobile so you can afford new habitats, clear obstacles on your islands, and more.

1. Opening the app- Tap the Dragon City icon on your mobile device to open the game.

2. Habitats- You can earn gold with your habitats. Upgrading them to increase gold potential and own more dragons. When possible, tap your habitats and tap upgrade.

3. Leveling dragons- The higher the level of your dragons, the more gold they earn. Grow as much food as possible to feed your dragons and increase their level. Feeding your dragons to level 10 and beyond will maximize earning potential.

4. Breeding- Breeding dragons is an essential part of the game. Breed continuously to get dragon eggs, even if you already have the dragons you’re breeding. Once the eggs are created, tap the egg and tap sell. Tip: Legendary Dragons are worth quite a bit, but breeding takes awhile.

5. Frequent play- Although you can’t play 24 hours a day, log in as much as possible to collect from your habitats, thereby increasing your gold stores.