How to Earn XP in Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is a simulation game in which you you collect, breed, race, and house up to 10,000 different frog species. This game has lots to do including building habitats and decorating them, growing and maturing your frogs, selling them, and more. Your ultimate goal is to complete the Froggydex with every type of frog. As with most games, you level up as you progress, but to do that you need XP (experience points), so follow these steps and tips to get XP so you can level up higher and higher.

1. Starting the game- Tap the Pocket Frogs icon on your mobile device to open up the app.

2. Award challenges- Award Challenges are roughly the same as Achievements in that you have to fulfill certain criteria to gain a high XP award. Example: Collecting 10,000 coins gets you 1,000 XP.

3. Taming frogs- When you get frogs, place them in the Pond so they can mature and be tamed. You get XP from taming the frogs you have in the Pond. You also get additional XP from eating the largest flies while your frogs are in the Pond.

4. Breeding- You can also earn experience by breeding frogs. In this case, you get the same amount of XP as the breeding cost. Example: A frog breeding has a total cost of 5,000 coins. Thus, once the breeding is complete, you get 5,000 XP.