How to Edit Photos in Camera+

Camera+ is a popular photgraphy app on iOS. Besides providing more options for shooting great pictures, it also lets you edit your photos within the app. Here's how to do so:

1. To edit your photos, tap the "Lightbox" icon found at the left side corner of your screen beside the shutter button of the app.


2. Once on the Lightbox screen, find the photo you want to edit and tap that. After tapping, a pop-up menu will appear. Tap "Edit" to access the different editing tools.


3. You will find editing tools and features below the picture. Choose by tapping and tap "Done" to confirm every edit you make. Some of the categories include Scenes, Effects, and Borders.

4. You can also edit your photos outside the Camera+ app. Go to your Photos app and tap a picture you want to edit. Below the image, tap the Camera+ icon and then the "Lab" icon to begin your edit. There, you can adjust the clarity, tint, tone, and aspect ratio of your photo.