How to enable data saver on Android Nougat


For those users who have a data cap, being able to fine tune data usage is a real bonus. This is especially true if you’re always paying for overuse at the end of each month. If you have the new version of Android, you will be pleased to know it has a neat data saving feature you’re going to want to use. Here’s how to enable data saver on Android Nougat.

Longer cellphone contracts often mean what worked for us at the beginning no longer works towards the end. A contract that offered 1GB of data two years ago may have seemed plenty. Now, with a few videos, some gaming and some web browsing, it seems we can blast our way through that much in a couple weeks.

Enable data saver on Android Nougat
Android Marshmallow had data saving features built into it too but Nougat brings a bit more intelligence to it. When a metered connection is used, apps are prevented from downloading data freely. In Marshmallow, this was a blanket ban. In Nougat, you can tune data saving per app.

1. Tap Settings, Data Usage and Data Saver.
2. Tap the toggle to on. This will automatically block all apps from downloading data while active.
3. Select Unrestricted data access and enable any apps you want to download freely.

Once set up, you can quickly access Data Save from the Quick Access menu so you don’t have to dig around menus to activate. This is a neat new feature and one many users with limited data plans will be very thankful for!

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