How to Ensure that Netflix Does not Buffer

Netflix is currently one of the world’s largest TV shows and movies entertainment platform, with over a thousand movies and TV shows available to stream online, in different genres worldwide. The American entertainment giant provides its users with a soothing cinematic experience to get the best of entertainment online with its high-quality streaming and playback.

But when it comes to high-quality streaming, various factors affect the video streaming, leading to buffering and hence, interrupting the playback. But there are several ways to counter the buffering problem and minimize the factors that lead to the same. Here’s how to ensure that Netflix doesn’t buffer:

Method 1
Customize your Playback Prefernce

Customize your ‘Playback preference’ in the ‘Settings’ menu. This can be done by following these steps:
Step 1
Go to the ‘Account’ menu using the drop-down from the profile icon on the Netflix home screen.

Step 2
Select the ‘Playback Settings’ option under the ‘My Profile’ section on the Accounts menu.

Step 3
In the ‘Playback Settings’ menu, select the ‘Data Usage’ for your Playback.
Note: Less data usage provides low-quality playback. But the buffering stops.

Method 2
Restart your Home Network

By this method, your internet connection will reset, and your playback will be smooth again.
Follow these steps to restart your home network:
Step 1
‘Turn off’ your computer/laptop.

Step 2
Switch off your modem/router (in case they are separate devices) and unplug it for a period of 30 seconds.
Step 3
Plug in the modem and switch it ‘ON’. Wait for the device to get to the normal state when the internet access is available.
Step 4
‘Turn On’ your laptop/computer and ‘Log In’ to Netflix again.

Other Methods
There are other methods that can ensure that Netflix doesn’t buffer. These include:
• Connecting your device to a different internet access point.
• Improving signal strength by moving your device closer to the router/modem.
• Restarting your computer and logging into Netflix again.
• Checking with your Internet operator if an error occurs on their part.

Following the aforementioned steps can ensure that Netflix does not buffer.
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