How To Feed Animals In Hay Day

Feeding animals in Hay Day is essential to keep them happy and efficiently producing milk and eggs. There are a few tools you can use to feed animals, including feed buckets and a machine called a Feed Mill. Follow the steps below if you want to start feeding your animals in Hay Day.

Step 1: Tap on your animal enclosure and drag the feed bucket over to your animals when they are hungry. When they are finished eating, they will continue to lay eggs, produce milk, and more.

Step 2: Purchase a Feed Mill to keep your animals from going hungry. Although feeding your animals with the feed bucket is easier, you will eventually run out of food without the Mill. You can find the Feed Mill in the Shop under the second tab, where you can also find other production buildings. The Feed Mill will be free to purchase.

Step 3: Use the Feed Mill by tapping it and then dragging a bag of feed into the central bucket. Feed Mills produce three bags of animal feed at a time. Each batch can feed three animals.

Step 4: Drag a bag of feed over to the animals to feed them, the same as you did in Step 1 above. You can also store your feed by tapping it and moving it to the barn. Storing feed will give you additional experience points.

Step 5: Unlock the second Feed Mill at Level 12 so you can keep expanding your farm. Get this mill before you get the second chicken coop so that you can make sure you have enough food for all of your animals.