How to Find 4K and 4K HDR Movies and TV Shows


Amazon Fire TV 4K allows you to stream 4K content from Amazon Prime and other channels to your Fire TV. This new feature can be deactivated and activated at will, thereby enabling you to activate 4K in your Amazon Fire TV at your will.
To be able to find 4K and 4K HDR Movies and TV Shows in your Amazon Fire TV, you will have to turn on the 4K option in your settings. You can do that by following these simple steps.

Step 1
Open the 'Settings' Menu
From the home menu, scroll down using the trackpad your remote and select the Settings option. The Settings menu will appear on your screen.

Step 2
Select 'Display and Sounds'
Scroll down to the 'Display and Sounds' option and select it using your Fire TV remote. The 'Display and Sounds' settings and preferences will appear on the screen.

Step 3
Select 'Display'
Again, scroll down the 'Display and Sounds' Settings option to the 'Display' button and select it. On doing so, the Display preferences will appear on the screen.

Step 4
Select 'Display Resolution'
Select the 'Video Resolution' button on the Display settings. On selecting it, you will see several resolution options including 1080 60Hz, 1080 50Hz, 720p 60Hz, and 720p 50z. In addition, you will also notice an 'Auto' button.

Step 5
Select the 'Auto' option
Select the 'Auto' option in the list of resolution preferences shown on the screen. Upon doing so, exit the screen to save and store the settings. Now, you will be able to browse through 4K HD and HDR content across all of your channels in FireTV.

The Auto resolution option allows for FireTV to play the 4K version of media whenever available from the service provider or channel seamlessly.