How to find 4K Content on Netflix

Netflix is one of the most used video streaming services of the world. Users can watch TV series and feature films from a very wide collection of genres. It uses an algorithm to create a much better viewing experience from your viewing history.
Netflix generally charges a monthly subscription fee where the first month of the subscription remains free. You will then be required to pay the fee to continue watching Netflix. Netflix supports Ultra HD 4K but requires that you must have a display output that has the required resolution too. Here’s how to find the 4K content on Netflix.

1. Open 'Netflix'
Go to on your web browser. If Netflix is already Signed-in to one account, Sign out from the existing account from by hovering over the profile icon in top right of the webpage.

2. Change Plan to 'Premium'
Netflix only supports Ultra HD 4K on Premium plans. The user must change the plan to watch any content in 4K. You cannot watch 4K content on Basic and Standard plans.
The standard plan only supports High Definition and Basic supports Standard Definition.

3. Search for '4K Content'
Just head over to the search bar on the top right and type in 4K. A list of titles will come that supports 4K and then you can select one to watch.
There are a plenty of 4K content available on Netflix distributed over a wide variety of genres.

4. Start Streaming
You can now start watching 4K content on Netflix.