How To Find and Hatch Eggs in Pokemon Go

You can get some pretty rare pokemon from eggs, and they come with a lot more candy than if you caught them out in the wild. On top of this you will earn 100 experience for every 1 KM of distance traveled to hatch the egg, so it can be a good way to earn some decent experience too. So where do you find them, and more importantly, how do you hatch them?

Step 1)Where do you find them?
Eggs are a random drop from any pokestops in the game. They seem to be pretty common, I've almost always had a full inventory of nine eggs at all times so far, and any time one hatches I've gotten another within the next three or four stops.


Step 2)The types of eggs.
There are three types of eggs you can find at pokestops in the game, a 2 KM egg, 5 KM egg, or the rare and elusive 10 KM egg. I have yet to get a 10 KM egg myself, but the person I play with has gotten about four. I'd be more jealous if three of them hadn't all hatched into magmars. The further the distance you have to walk to hatch the pokemon, the more chance you have of getting a rarer pokemon, and more candy and experience for hatching the egg as well.


Step 3)How to hatch the eggs.
There's plenty of tricks out there that are going to show you how to hatch your eggs, but ultimately the best and most reliable way to do it is going to be to walk with the app open. You have to keep your speed down under 15 KM/h in order to hatch an egg, traveling any faster than that is not going to count towards the egg hatching. I've seen proof that any time you open your app and your avatar seems to get lost while pinpointing the exact location with the GPS. You can use this to advance your egg towards hatching without actually moving, but it's only good for short distances, like if you just got home and noticed your eggs are at like 4.8/5.0.


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