How to Find and Use Measure App In iOS 12

Yet another new asset that iDevices receive with the release of iOS 12 is the Measure app. This app eliminates the need of a physical measure tape, and allows you use your device’s rear camera to measure the size of the objects. This can be helpful for both domestic and basic commercial purposes.

The Measure app is present inside the Utilities folder on the second page of your iPhone’s Home screen, and here’s how you can locate and use it:
    Launch the Measure app
    Swipe your finger to the left on the Home screen, tap the Utilities folder, and tap the Measure app’s icon. This launches the Measure app. Initially the app instructs you to move your device to begin.




    Measure fixed-dimensional object
    Focus your iDevice’s rear camera on an object with fixed width and length (a laptop for this example), and tap the + (Add a rectangle) icon when a yellow outline appears on the sides of the object. This locks the size of the object and adds its dimensions to the outlines.



    View dimensions
    Tap a dimension added to the outlines. This opens a new box that displays those dimensions in large fonts. You can tap Copy on the box to copy the dimensions for future use. To close the box, you can tap Close from the top-right corner.


    Capture Screenshot
    Tap the white circle after locking the object. This captures the screenshot of the object along with its dimensions. This feature might come in handy while discussing your project with an engineer. Once you’ve saved the dimensions, you can tap Clear from the top-right corner to clear the screen, and start measuring a new object.

    Measure the length

Focus the camera of your iDevice to the starting point of a surface, tap the + (Add a point) icon, move your device to the ending point, and press the + icon again as the yellow dashed line is aligned to the object. This locks the length of the surface you moved your device over, and adds its dimensions to the line. As with the rectangle object, you can tap the dimension between the locked line to get an enlarged view or copy the figures for your reference.