How to Find Content to Stream with CanIStream.It

With so many online services available to stream movies, television shows, and more, it can be a daunting task just searching for what is available. If you are looking to save time and effort in your search for the best streaming content, you can now use CanIStream.It. You can use the website to find out what is available from all of the major streaming options including Netflix, Hulu, Blockbuster, Amazon, and more. Follow these steps to find content to stream with CanIStream.It.

Step 1: You will need to set up an account on CanIStream.It. The service is free and setting up an account takes a few minutes. Once you have your free account, you can log in at any time to search for content.

Step 2: After you have logged into your account, you can enter a movie title or TV show into the search box. CanIStream.It will return all the information you need to make a choice on how you would like to watch whatever it is you searched. You will get a summary of the programming and then CanIStream.It shows you where you can make a digital rental, a digital purchase, or even buy a DVD/Blu-ray.

Step 3: Click on your choice, make your payment, then sit back and enjoy.

CanIStream.It makes it much easier than searching all of the various streaming services in order to find the best content at the best prices. You can even set up notifications to find out when a certain movie or TV show will be available through a certain service. If you prefer to stream through Netflix for example, you can receive a notification from CanIStream.It when your programming is available.