How to Find Downloadable Content on Netflix

Every now and the then you would have felt the need to download Netflix content for watching offline. Netflix has listened to all our wishes, and ow you can download selected content for offline viewing. More and more of the available content are becoming download ready. However, you would not be able to transfer or view the downloaded media on any other player than that comes with the Netflix app.
To be able to download content, you need to install the Netflix app. The app is available free of cost in the Windows and Apple app stores. To find downloadable content, you can follow these simple steps.

1. Open 'Netflix' App
Open the 'Netflix' app by selecting on the Netflix icon. The Netflix home screen customize in accordance to your preferences will appear.

2. Select the 'Menu' Button
Select the 'Menu' button on the top left of the home screen. The menu with the available options will pop up.

3. Hit 'Available for Download'
Select the 'Available for Download' option from the menu. A list of the all the content that is available to download will appear on the Netflix app page.

4. Select the Episode/Movie You Want to Download
Select the episode/movie that you want to download from the list. You will then be taken to the page from where you can download the content.

5. Hit the 'Download' Button
Select the download option appearing below the episode/movie thumbnail that appears. Your episode will be downloaded over the internet. You will now be able to view the content without streaming it. It will be stored in your account, and will remain in there unless you remove/delete it.

After having followed the above steps, you will now have been able to browse through downloadable content and set yourself up for offline streaming.
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