How to Find Your Wi-Fi Password Using a MacBook Pro

The wi-fi password is something which is often unused. Once you connect all your devices to your wi-fi system and they connect automatically from next time on. But one day you choose to reboot one of them and now it requires logging into the Wi-Fi network again and this require the password.

However, due to unused the password has been forgotten. Not to worry, because if you are a MacBook Pro user there is a feature using which you can find out the password of the Wi-Fi network your PC is connected to. Follow these steps to find your Wi-Fi password using your MacBook Pro:

Step 1
Open up ‘Spotlight’ by clicking the ‘Magnifying Glass Icon’ on the top right corner of your screen.

Step 2
Search for ‘Keychain Access’ and open the application.

Step 3
In the Keychain Access dialog box type in the name of your ‘Wi-Fi Network’ in the ‘Search Bar’.

Step 4
‘Double Click’ on the ‘Wi-Fi System’ which has appeared in the Keychain Access search results and in the dialog box which opens tick the box which says ‘Show Password’.

Step 5
You will be asked to enter your ‘Keychain Password’, however what you need to enter is your ‘Administrator Password’

Step 6
Once you enter this password the password for the selected Wi-Fi network will be made visible in the keychain access dialog box.

And now you have successfully found out the password for your Wi-Fi network. Use this feature to figure out the password of any Wi-Fi network which your MacBook can automatically connect to. Keep in mind that the PC needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network in order to figure out the password.