How To Fix HDD⁄SSD Password In Toshiba Satellite Laptops

After a daylong session with your laptop, trying to manage, organize and parse important documentation, you call it a day and power down the laptop. The next time you try powering it up, you’re left staring at an error message asking you to input the password for your hard drive. You know you never had any passwords on it to begin with so what can you do? This tutorial will show you how to fix this issue.

1. With your laptop powered down, remove the HDD from your laptop.

2. Insert your bootable CD into your optical drive or plug in the bootable USB installer into an available USB port on your laptop.

3. Power up the laptop.

4. Whichever media you choose, as your bootable installer, make sure you enter BIOS and set the primary boot device to that particular media (USB or CD).

5. While the installer for your OS kicks in, insert your hard drive into your laptop. This will require you to have your laptop’s bottom, service plate, to be opened up prior.

6. You should end up with an error message. Tap Enter twice to initiate the laptop to reboot.

7. You should now be able to boot into GUI without the system asking for a password for your HDD.

8. It’s a known issue plaguing laptops from Toshiba whereby the laptop will not power up to GUI. If you do manage to power up to GUI, following the above steps, it’s advised that you update the BIOS for your particular model of your Toshiba laptop.

9. It should be possible to update your BIOS with the necessary BIOS files while operating off the BIOS alone, with no HDD connected. Please visit Toshiba’s support site with respect to your laptop’s model to find the appropriate BIOS updates.

Please keep in mind that if you’ve implemented a password on your HDD and subsequently have forgotten it, unraveling it will take resources and often times the cost of the resources would equate to buying a new HDD to begin with. This tutorial will not bypass any security measures if implemented rather it only deals with the password error seen on most laptops running Windows 10 in spite of not implementing any password.

If you do manage to lock yourself out by forgetting the pass word on your BIOS and HDD you keyed in prior, it’s advised to call up Toshiba tech support, provide proof of your purchase and your credentials and they will be able to unlock the SSD/HDD for you.
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