How to fix stability issues in Android Marshmallow


Early adopters of Android Marshmallow found quite a few stability issues with that first code release. Fortunately, fixes came quickly and the OS is now pretty stable. However, if you’re still having issues and want to know the common ways to fix stability issues in Android Marshmallow, read on!

Stability issues usually manifest in either random reboots, crashes, graphical or usability glitches or generally odd behavior. Fortunately, there are a range of quick fixes you can try to address them. Here are just a few.

Identify whether it’s Android or an app
The first step in fixing stability issues on Android Marshmallow is to identify whether it’s the OS or an app that is causing trouble. Booting into safe mode will quickly tell us.

1. Press the power button and select Power off and hold down the button to access safe mode.
2. Let the phone reboot and have a play around. Perform whatever actions have been causing problems and see if you can replicate the issue.
3. If you cannot replicate the issue, reboot the phone and begin removing or updating apps as it’s an app causing the problem.
4. If you can replicate the issue, the problem is with Android Marshmallow and you should move on to the next section of this guide.

Clear cached data
We don’t know why, but clearing cached data can clear up a multitude of issues. As it’s a quick fix, it’s a good thing to try when troubleshooting stability issues with Android Marshmallow.

1. Navigate to Settings, Apps, Internal storage, Cached data and select Clear cache.
2. Power off your phone by holding the power and volume buttons until the Fastboot menu appears.
3. Use the volume buttons to select Recovery and the power button to select it. Let go of the power button but continue holding volume up and home until the Android logo appears. You should now be in the recovery menu.
4. Select Wipe cache partition with volume down and select it using the power button.

Factory reset
If none of the above work, a factory reset is your final option. Be aware though that this will wipe the device completely. Make sure you have backed up all the data you want to keep before following this step.

1. Navigate to Settings and select Backup and reset.
2. Select Factory data reset, Reset phone, then Erase Everything.
3. The phone will reset back to factory settings and defaults. From here you need to rebuild and reconfigure your phone to how you like it.

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