How To Fix Wi-Fi Connection on Android Phone

Sometimes an Android phone will show a Wi-Fi connection but not let you surf the internet.

Before considering this a problem, you must verify if you are trying to access any social networking website, video, or any other site that are disabled or blocked by your network administrator. If this is true, you must contact the administrator to allow access to the blocked sites in order to let you access and surf the Internet.

If the problem persists, the easiest and most common solution is to disconnect the mobile phone from the currently connected wireless network, and then reconnect it to the same network.

Here’s how:

    ■Restart your Android phone.
    ■Once restarted and the phone is unlocked, tap the Menu icon to open the apps list.
    Note: Some phones may have a Menu button as part of the hardware instead of having an icon to access the Menu interface from the touch screen. In such cases, you must press the available Menu button to open the apps list, and then continue following the steps.

    ■Locate and tap the Settings icon.

    ■On the opened Settings interface, tap the Wi-Fi option to display the available wireless access points (WAPs).

    ■If your Android mobile phone is already connected to a wireless network, tap the network, and then tap the Forget option on the displayed box in order to erase all the saved details of the wireless access point. (Note: Some devices may also display Forget network or Forget the device option. In either case, the purpose of the option is to remove the saved information from the phone).

    ■Next, tap the desired wireless network from the available list. (Captain-Jacksparrow in this example).

    ■In the opened box, provide the correct password in the Password field for the selected wireless network.
    ■Finally, tap the Connect button to connect your Android mobile phone to the network.

    ■Once the device is connected, close all the opened interfaces, and start surfing the Internet using your favorite web browser.