How to Fix Your WiFi Connection Problems on the MacBook Pro

When your WiFi suddenly stops connecting, it is not only the high-speed audio and video streaming that you would miss. You will also not be able to access your email and social accounts. Fixing your WiFi connection problem on MacBook Pro can be done in the following simple steps.



When your WiFi stops working, it is usually one of three problems;
1. There might be a problem with your router
2. The server of the broadband provider may be down or
3. There is an issue with your WiFi network.
In very few cases, it might be an issue with the operating system software. Make sure that all available software updates are installed.

Turn on WiFi


Make sure that your WiFi is turned on. Although Mac allows you to turn off your WiFi card when it is not needed, there are times when it turns off accidentally without your knowledge. The WiFi menu can be found in the top right screen corner. If turned on and connected to a WiFi network, the WiFi menu will be bold.

Place in menu bar


It is possible that your WiFi button may not be displayed in the menu bar. Which makes it hard for you to determine the status as indicated in step 2 above. You can place your WiFi icon on the menu bar by following the following simple procedure.
1. Open the Apple menu and go to ‘System Preferences’.
2. Click on the network icon to bring out a list of available networks.


4. Select WiFi. It will open a dialogue box. Scroll to the bottom and tick the box beside “Show Wi-Fi status in menu bar”.
5. Click on ‘Apply’. The WiFi icon should be displayed on your menu bar.


Select a network

If your router is working properly and there is no problem with the broadband provider, you should see a list of available WiFi networks once your WiFi is turned on. Select the appropriate network.

Input password


If your WiFi network is secured, there will be a prompt, asking you to insert your password. Type your password in the bar, thick the box beside “Remember this network” so that you won’t need to put password every time and click on ‘OK’.



If you try the above procedure and your WiFi network still refuses to connect, the next action to take is to reset it. Go click on system preferences. It will open a list of options. Click on network to display the available networks. Click on WiFi then go to the bottom of the network listings and click on the minus (-) to delete the WiFi.

Create WiFi


After deleting the WiFi network, restart your computer. Go to system preferences then click on networks. This time click on the plus (+) and choose 'create WiFi'. Once you create WiFi, the WiFi AirPort would have been restarted. Turn it on. This should fix your WiFi connection problem.