How to Follow Colleagues with Yammer

With Yammer, you can easily communicate and connect with others in your company. It is a business-focused social media site with restricted access to the different networks. This increases the ability for employees within a company to communicate with one another, even if they work in different offices. If you already have a Yammer account and want to start following your colleagues, you just have to take a few easy actions.

Step 1:
If you already have your Yammer account set up (see here), then you are ready to start following your colleagues. The first step you should take is to introduce yourself to your fellow employees. This makes it easy for others to find and follow you.

Step 2:
To follow colleagues, especially the members of your team and your boss, then you just have to search for the person you wish to follow from the search bar on the top of your screen. When you find the person you wish to follow, click on their profile.

Step 3:
Once you are in the profile of the person you wish to follow, simple click the button that says follow. It will show up if you have the correct permissions in order to follow the person. You can do the same for groups, which will provide you with additional information and news updates about particular projects or other information of your company.

To follow someone on Yammer, you simply have to go to his or her profile and click the follow button. If for some reason you decide to unfollow the person at a later time, you simply have to click on the unfollow button on the person's profile.