How to Forward a Text Message

Forwarding a text message can be extremely useful and it saves you the trouble of having to copy and paste a message (or worse having to rewrite it word for word). Luckily, most phones come equipped with a simple and functional way to forward a text message.

On the iPhone:

Step 1: Click your Messages App.
Step 2: Go to the desired message that you wish to forward.

Step 3: Press and hold the message
Step 4: You will be presented with two options, “Copy” and “More…” Click More.
Step 5: You will see an arrow pointing to the right on the bottom right hand corner of your screen. Click that arrow for that is the forward button.
Step 6: Chose the recipient whom you wish to receive the forwarded message
Step 7: Press send.

Recap: You can also select multiple messages to send by checking the circles that appear to the left of the messages after you press and hold down a message.

On an Android:

Step 1: Click your texting icon on your home screen.
Step 2: Find the text message that you want to forward. Press down on your text message and hold until you are given a menu that will give you the option to forward the message.
Step 3: Select “Forward”
Step 4: Chose a recipient to receive the text message.
Step 5: Press send.

Recap: You can also chose to forward multiple messages or picture messages as well.

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