How to Forward Your Google Voice Number to Other Phones

After you have chosen your Google Voice Number, you will be given the option to forward your Google Voice Calls. You can always change your Google Voice settings later on from the website.

Step 1: When prompted, enter the phone number that you wish to be affiliated with Google Voice.

Step 2: Select what type of device the phone number that you entered is – for example, a mobile phone or a home phone. There will be a drop down menu for you to choose from.

Step 3: In order to set up your voicemail and associate your phone with the Google Voice Number, first choose your carrier. Dial the number that you see on your computer screen from your phone. Unless you see an error message, then you are finished associating your phone to Google Voice.

Recap: If you see an error message then click “Learn more” on your computer screen, but if you do not, then click “continue” in order to set up your voicemail. Make sure that you answer your phone when setting up Google Voice so that it knows the phone belongs to you. Instead of giving out your personal numbers, you can give out your Google Voice number instead to help ensure your privacy. You can also review you call and account history from the Google Voice website.