How to Get a Sim a Job in The Sims FreePlay

When you play The Sims FreePlay, one of your goals will be to get your sims a job. Working is a great way for your sims to make money. There is a method and some thought behind choosing a job. Here’s how to get your sims a job in The Sims FreePlay.

Step 1
In order to get your sim a job, you must first buy a workplace. There is a variety of workplaces from which to choose. You will have to have created at least two sims in order to build a workplace.

Step 2
Once the workplace has been built, you can have your sim apply for a job there.

Step 3
Your sim will be hired and can begin going to work on a normal basis.

Getting a job in The Sims FreePlay is not that difficult but can take some time. Once your sim has a job, it is important that you remember when your sim must go to work. Just like real life, it is better for your sim to arrive for work early. You can send your sim to its job up to an hour before the start time.

To send your sim to work, you will click on the relationship status tab and scroll down to “Careers & Education.” You will see the flashing briefcase beside the sim that needs to go to work. Clicking the briefcase sends the sim to its job.

Set alarms for your sims to get to work on time. This will help you to earn more so that you can continue to advance throughout the game.
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