How to Get Cash in Traffic Racer

Traffic Racer is Soner Kara’s offering to the mobile arcade racing market. Assuming you don’t know the objective of this game, it is to race and win, unlock new cars, upgrades, environments, etc. Of course to do all of this you’re going to need lots of cash. With that in mind, just check out these few tips below and you will be racking up the cash and stocking your garage with premium rides in no time.

1. He’s going the distance- You can get a wickedly high score by doing those shaved hair passes, but traveling far is one key to lots of extra cash.

2. He’s going for speed- Go fast. Simple as that. Keep your speedometer over 100 kmh for as long as you can to stack up on dollars.

3. English driving- If you can do a long ride in the wrong lane, you’re going the right way to building your bank.

4. Short attention span- Traffic Racer shares a common trait with many games in that you can watch short video ads for
money. You get 500 cash for every video you watch.

5. Social Media- It is a bonus you can collect only once, but if you Like Traffic Racer on Facebook and Follow Traffic Racer on Twitter, that’s an easy $2,000 ($1,000 each) in the bank and you didn’t even have to race.