How to Get Coins in Pocket Frogs

In Pocket Frogs, players grow and breed frogs, race them, place them in habitats, decorate habitats, and much more. The ultimate goal of this game is to get every type of frog there is in what is known as the Froggydex. Coins are the currency of the game, and if you follow these simple steps and tips, you will know how to get more of these necessary items.

1. Starting the game- Tap the Pocket Frogs icon on your mobile device to open up the game.

2. Daily gift- You can receive coins via the Daily Gift.

3. Racing- You can race frogs and get coins for winning.

4. Scenery and decorations- Selling scenery and/or decorations will get you coins, more if the items are rare.

5. Selling frogs- The same rules apply to selling frogs as scenery. Greater rarity yields more coins.

6. Pond presents- You can get Pond Presents at times and the Presents may contain coins.

7. Puzzle solver- There is a mini game where you must solve a puzzle. Should you win at this game, prizes can either be coins or items that can be sold for coins such as frogs, habitat items, etc.

8. Tip- Before selling frogs, ensure their happiness and maturity levels are high as this gets you more coins.