How to Get Coins in SongPop

SongPop is a musical trivia game where you challenge others or accept challenges from others to test your musical knowledge. You have five song clips and your scores are based on how fast you correctly guess the song title or artist. Experience is gained based on your scores in a round of a particular genre. You can buy more genres with coins, and the following information will teach you how to get these coins.

1. Entering the game- Tap the SongPop icon on your device to open the game and log in.

2. Challenges- Challenge other players or accept challenges against you in a particular genre. Your goal is to get more
correct answers or in the event of a tie, be faster at getting the answer.

3. Coins through challenges- When you win a challenge against an opponent, you get 3 coins. If you lose a challenge, you
get 1 coin. This is the same whether you are the one who issued the challenge or had one issued against you. Tip: When
issuing challenges, select genres you know well on the chance that your opponent doesn’t.

4. Daily spin- There is a daily spin where you have a chance at winning more coins.

5. Purchases- You can purchase coins with real money.

6. Free Coins- You can get coins for free by completing offers, such as downloading other apps. Be careful to only download apps that you trust.

7. Facebook- If you connect to Facebook, you will receive coins.