How to Get Credits in Injustice: Gods Among Us for Mobile


Injustice: Gods Among Us stars DC heroes and villains including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Lex Luthor, the Joker, and more. This is a fighting game that pits three of your heroes or villains against another trio either of the computer or other players. You can get more heroes or villains on your team by purchasing them with credits. These simple steps will teach you how to get more credits:

1. Starting the game- Tap the Injustice: Gods Among Us icon on your mobile device to load the game.

2. Constant battling- Tap Play to enter the battle menu. You will have a chance to select the characters you want to take into battle. You get Credits for winning a fight. Be prepared to battle a lot as it takes a lot of Credits to get characters, booster packs, and anything else.

3. Purchase- You can get quite a bit of Credits if you purchase them. Where you see your Credits in the bottom right of your screen, tap the + sign to bring up the purchase packages.