How to Get Directions with Apple Maps

Need directions? As the slogan goes, “there’s an app for that,” and this situation is no exception. Apple Maps can provide directions, including turn by turn navigation. Just follow these few simple instructions to get directions using Apple Maps on your Mac.

1. Opening the app- Click the Apple Maps icon on your desktop or in your Applications folder to open up the app.

2. Searching- Enter your destination into the search box. You will be provided with information about the location. For turn-by-turn directions, go to step 3 and beyond.

3. Turn-by-turn directions- Ensure your Wi-Fi is on so GPS can locate you for your starting point.

4. Starting Point- Select the option to use your current location as the starting point.

5. Destination- Enter the address or name of the place you are going to for your destination point. Click i to get directions. You will now have turn by turn directions from your starting point to your destination point.

6. Printing- If you wish to print out the directions on paper, hold down the Command button and the letter p to print. Your printout will include a complete map as well as a map of where your current location is and your turn by turn directions to your destination.