How to Get Energy in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

Just like in real life, performing activities in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood takes energy. But in the game, it is easily quantifiable, and you can see how much you have left. When you run out of energy, you need to wait for more. There are a few ways to increase your energy. Here's how to get energy in Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.

1. Open the game by tapping on the icon on your device.

2. Complete goals- When you complete goals, you may receive energy as a reward

3. Tap on objects- in this game, you will see objects such as newspapers, fire hydrants, dustbin, boxes, signs, etc. You can tap on them and get energy as a reward. Sometimes you may receive money, instead.

4. You can tap on birds, bottles of wine in the restaurants/ clubs/ bars, flowers, and trees to get energy.

5. When you tap on those objects, you will see energy floating on the screen as little lightning bolts. Remember to tap on them.

6. After getting energy from those objects, wait about two minutes before trying again.

7. Get a boy/girlfriend- once you get a boy/girlfriend, you will get an energy boost.

8. Purchase: you can purchase energy in exchange for K-stars. Once you spend all of your energy, you will be asked by a pop up to get energy. Tap on ‘Get Energy’ which will take you to ‘Starshop’ where you will be able to purchase energy.

9. You can also tap on the energy bar/get energy on the top of the screen to go to the ‘Starshop’ any time.