How to Get Extra Lives in Cookie Jam[/imgCookie Jam has some features that set it apart from other match-three mobile games. You get five lives to use up. To keep on going and progressing through the levels, just follow these simple steps so you too will know how to get some extra lives in Cookie Jam.
1.[b] Opening the game[/b]- Tap the Cookie Jam icon on your mobile device to open up the game.
2. [b]The clock trick[/b]- Many of these games with a finite amount of lives can be tricked by simple clock manipulation. Adjust your device’s clock 30 minutes ahead for each life you want (up to 5 lives max). After you reopen the game, guess what? You have a full set of lives to play with.
3. [b]Everyone needs friends[/b]- Friends are helpful in this game as well as most other matching games with limited lives. Send lives to friends and if they are good gaming friends at least, you will get some in return.
4.[b] Coins[/b]- Your premium currency in the game is coins, and if you really don’t have the patience to wait for regeneration or friends to help out, you can always use coins to buy the lives.